Ranger DX900i surface top hammer drill rig

Procons aloitti yhteistyön Sandvikin Tampereen toimipisteen kanssa vuonna 2016. Procons toimittaa Sandvikin Tampereen toimipisteeseen rullamuovattuja erikoisprofiileja. Tilauslistalta löytyy mm. liukulistaa ja kulutuslistaa, joita tilataan eri mittaisina ja -mallisina.
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3 1200x629

Procons Oy Ab i Malax har under sommaren 2019 investerat i Nordens modernaste rullprofileringslinje för kallvalsade lättbalkar. Produktionslinjen är den enda i Norden som är helautomatiserad – en 73 meters lång linje som klarar av att hantera flera 10 000-tals ton stål per år.
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Klas West 600px4

It's not every day that you invest close to two million euros on a machine, if ever. But that is exactly what Procons Oy Ab has done in Maalahti; a giant investment, that will triple the capacity of profiles manufactured by roll forming.
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MG 2243

Many companies use standard profiles, even though they could save significantly from creating custom profiles to meet their specific needs. By designing for purpose, customers often achieve a lighter profile with unique properties and reduced material use.
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Procons i Svensk leverantorstidning

Procons featured in “Svensk Leverantörstidning” 04/2016.
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