20th September 2017

Customized profiles can offer big savings

Profiling profilering profilointi

Customised profiles can offer big savings

Many companies use standard profiles, even though they could save significantly from creating custom profiles to meet their specific needs. By designing for purpose, customers often achieve a lighter profile with unique properties and reduced material use.

Today’s market offers many standardised profiles, but if your company commonly uses a specific type of profile or needs specific characteristics, custom profiles can provide significant savings.

Finnish Procons Oy specialises in roller profiling and helps companies across a range of industries to create custom profiles for their business and products. Klas-Erik West, CEO and owner of Procons, explains the possibilities offered by custom profiles, the results you can achieve and the drastic reduction in material use.

Savings with custom profiles

Material for profiles often accounts for 75-80 per cent of a product’s total cost. Any reduction in the amount of materials used can have a major positive effect for both the company and the environment.

According to Klas-Erik, the problem is that people are unaware of if and when it pays to develop a customised profile. Roller profiling requires creating tools for the unique profile, but when material makes up a large portion of the cost of the product, ROI is normally as quick as 5000 running metres per year.

Rails for LED lighting

Procons focuses on the mining, construction, interior and bicycle industries, but also has customers within greenhouse technology and other industries. It is fully specialised in roller profiling, so it is less important whether the profile ends up on a bicycle as a mudguard or in a machine in a mine.

An example of this is when the company developed rails for LED lighting in greenhouses. Procons was able to reduce the thickness from 1.5 mm to 1.2 mm with a different cross-section and by including stiffeners. This, in turn, reduced material consumption by 15-20 per cent per metre.

Flexibility and delivery reliability

Another reason that many companies are still using standard profiles is that the Nordic region has relatively few roller profiling companies. The major manufacturers are mainly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, but getting a quote from these providers can be expensive if you do not have large volumes.

‘These providers often required small customers to order a year’s worth of material, while, as a smaller manufacturer, we can be much more flexible’, says Klas-Erik.

Delivery reliability and flexibility are also important for Procons and are highly valued by its customers. Customers include several Swedish companies, such as Sandvik, Skeppshult and Monark. 


Skräddarsydda profiler kan ge stora besparingar

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