23rd September 2019

Lightweight beams customised according to specific dimensions: Automated roll profiling line brings

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Beams customised for specific purposes at reasonable prices – even in small batches


Procons uses its new process line to manufacture both large and small series of lightweight, roll-profiled steel beams that are custom-made for a specific purpose – mainly for customers in the construction and transport industries. The production line is fully automated, which means that no tools are needed to adjust measurements and profiles – unlike on manual process lines and in production that utilises press-brake bending. The readjustment of a fully automated line only takes a few minutes, which makes it possible to produce even small batches at reasonable prices.


“The customer receives prefabricated beams that are immediately ready for installation. We provide our customers with profiles tailored for a specific purpose or to custom dimensions at no additional cost,” says Klas-Erik West, CEO of Procons.


There are many advantages to prefabricated beams. You will no longer need to use beams manufactured according to standard dimensions and there is no need to carry out finishing processes.


“The customer can optimise the weight of the product, which will bring them economic benefits. There is no need to buy a beam 150 mm high if you really need one just 128 mm high. Thanks to our new production line, the need for finishing processes on beams has been reduced considerably or eliminated entirely. The line also makes it easy to punch asymmetric hole patterns into the piece or make indentations and machine tool the ends to some extent.”


The new production line is reliable and makes the customer’s inventory management easier


The modern process line can read drawings directly from DXF files. This means that the line automatically reads the customer’s drawing and prepares the product according to the coordinates and feed length determined by the customer. This eliminates human errors during the feed – before production.


“Perforations and indentations, for example, have been completely digitalised, ensuring that the end result always corresponds to the customer’s drawing. Procons’ security of supply is currently 98%.”


As the production line is fully automatic, the beams can be marked and packed immediately for assembly. In practice, this means that a particular profile structure can be packed in one and the same package, even if the profiles have different perforation patterns.


“The customer doesn’t have to waste time looking for parts in different packages during installation. A definitive marking also helps them find the right part during installation, because the customer’s own installation drawing has the same marking.


The marking also meets the traceability requirement, allowing the manufacture of CE-marked beams in accordance with the ISO EN 1090-1 certificate and the EXC1–EXC3 exclusion class.


Fully automated medium-sized company guarantees quick delivery


Procons’ new production line manufactures profiles from different metals ranging from 1–4 mm. The line also performs 90° bending. If the customer requires more complex profiles, Procons not only has the new production line for roll profiling, but also five other lines suitable for handing thinner materials.


Procons can offer quick delivery times because it is a medium-sized company with a fully automated production line.


“The availability of raw materials affects the lead time. We can deliver our products very quickly because we have the raw material immediately available. Thanks to our fully automated line, we don’t have to spend a day or two turning screws before we can start making a new profile. Our small administration department is another reason why we can react quickly to our customers’ needs.”


Come and meet us at the Procons stand at the Subcontracting Fair in Tampere between 21–22 September 2021 to learn more about our new production line. Procons’ CEO Klas-Erik West looks forward to talking with you at the exhibition stand C1041, together with Production Manager Adam Sandström and Sales Manager Juhani Valkeemäki.


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