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Cold roll-forming of sheet metal products

Manufacturing of accurately dimensioned steel with complex profiles

Cold roll-forming, also known as cold rolling, is a precise and efficient manufacturing method for sheet metal products and profiles. At Procons, we manufacture open sections of various lengths according to the customer’s drawings.


Cold roll-forming involves bending a flat sheet of metal between profiled rollers into the desired form. This method makes it possible to produce accurately dimensioned steel sections that are strong and versatile, even if they have complex profiles.


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Clear savings with cold roll-forming

When manufacturing large batches, cold roll-forming results in definite savings in raw materials and other costs. The manufacture of product lines requires making a specific, dedicated mould. The design and making of the mould is a one-off investment that will pay itself back quickly once the products are being manufactured on a continuous basis or in large quantities.


Our automated production method guarantees an accurate, high-quality result. Procons’ roll forming process is quick and efficient, particularly because the product is manufactured and packed ready for delivery all on the same production line. When there are only a few working stages, the product is completed quicker, which makes its manufacture less expensive.

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CEO, Sales




  • 0.3–2 mm thick sheet metal profiles

  • Products and parts more than 8 metres long

  • 20–550 mm wide blanks

  • Working precoated metal sheets without damaging the finish

  • Repeated symmetrical perforated patterns are easy to carry out

  • Products are custom-made using a specific, dedicated mould – our technology makes it possible to make extremely complex cross-section profiles

Cold forming is suited, for example, for:

Cold forming is suited, for example, for:

  • Parts for air-conditioning units and air ducts

  • Parts for the manufacture of light fittings and the luminaire industry

  • Lighting tracks in the construction of greenhouses, etc.

  • Parts for solar panels

  • Parts for bicycle manufacture

  • Steel battens and reinforcing structures for the packaging industry

  • Structures for sliding doors

  • Cold forming is an excellent method for all kinds of manufacture that requires demanding, detailed and precision-machined steel products.