Structural steel beams

Cold roll-forming of heavier steel beams

Cold roll-forming, also known as cold rolling, is a precise and efficient manufacturing method also for stronger steel beams used, for example, for building loadbearing structures.


We manufacture 1–4 mm thick steel beams with C, U, Z and Sigma profiles by cold roll-forming. The beams can be up to 12 metres long. By utilising C, U, Z and Sigma profiles, asymmetric cross-sectional dimensions are also possible. We also manufacture various connecting and fastening pieces for steel beams.


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Steel beams according to customer needs

Steel beams can be manufactured pre-perforated or with bolted joints, skewed ends or asymmetrical perforated patterns and crosscuts. One advantage of our production line is our CNC punch press, which we use to make customised pre-perforations in the product. We deliver the products to the site ready for assembly, and equipped with standard conformity markings or without markings, in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

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Klas-Erik West

CEO, Sales




  • 1–4 mm thick steel plates

  • 140–630 mm wide blanks

  • up to 12 m long steel beams

  • U, C, Z and Sigma profiles

  • suitable also for manufacturing small batches

  • usually, no start-up costs

  • customised bolted joints, also asymmetric perforated patterns and skewed ends

    on request, products are delivered ready for installation and equipped with instructional markings

Connecting and fastening pieces

  • 50–630 mm wide blanks

  • 5 mm thick steel plates

Cold roll-forming is suited for:

Cold roll-forming is suited for:

  • Structural steel and manufacturing loadbearing beams

  • Lightweight purlins

  • Thermo purlins

  • Frameworks

  • Structures for heavy motor industry, etc.